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Adding Facebook "Like" button as code in posts

  1. I am trying to add a Facebook "Like" icon into my blog posts. I've tried inserting several different codes into my blog posts, and none of them have worked properly; they either show up as code or don't show up at all. I also tried one other code that did give me a like button, but after I liked it, no one else could use the button; and, somehow I started out with 44 people liking it already?? Which, I hadn't even had the button in their until then....??

    This is what happened when I liked it, and also when I had a friend like it from his Facebook (It showed my icon as liking it and didn't allow him to do anything)

    Is it simply because I am not using

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please toss whatever you are reading aside as it does not apply to free hosted blogs. The support documentation for our free hosted blogs is all at this link

    What you want is found here > Facebook integration>

    Note: You can have Facebook like & share buttons on your posts.

  3. Ah! Thank you! Problem is solved.

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