Adding Facebook Share Button to Blog Post?

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    Has anyone figured out how to successfully add a “Share On Facebook” button on their Blog Post? I came across the following code:
    Share on Facebook

    This code seems to open up facebook but it will not display correctly. Instead of the title of the post, you will see “%20%20escape%20DOCUMENT.LOCATION.href%20%20%20”

    Eventually, I’d like to add a “Share This On Facebook” button and have it automatically pull the title of the post and share that on Facebook. I’ve tried the “AddThis” widget feature and it simply is too quirky and people do not use it. I’d like something simple that would allow people to immediately Share on Facebook, or Twitter, etc.


    The blog I need help with is



    You can capture any image and link it back to any site. You need the URL of the page you want to link to and then follow the instructions in this support document: .



    I’d like something simple that would allow people to immediately Share on Facebook, or Twitter, etc.

    What I posted above is for displaying your Facebook profile image in your sidebar.

    To add social bookmarks to the end of your posts you can use either of thse two



    If you want a button that will allow users to submit your article just to Facebook, then this post will help you.
    How to offer a “Share on Facebook” option under ( blog posts



    How to import wordpress post snippets into Facebook Fan Page

    Method (1)
    Log into Facebook and go to your fan page. Then click on the edit page button below the pic box in the top left corner. Scroll down to the applications and look for notes and click edit. Then click on the import blog and put in your info. It’s the exact same as doing it for your personal profile, just under the fan page editing area.

    Method (2)
    The FB application RSS Graffiti automatically posts snippets of your WP posts to your wall, and friends have to click the link and go to your blog to view the whole article.


    Thank you! I’ve also added @perlitalabs social bookmarks to my blog. Hopefully they will help spread the word!



    You’re welcome. :)



    ( little OFF TOPIC )
    @sanjidas I’m tech minded and I had a really hard time understanding your Face book tutorial so I can surely say that most of the forum visitors are going to have no success with completing your tutorial successfully. So my suggestion is to maybe rewrite the tutorial in a more easier to understand format for the non tech savvy readers coming to this forum looking for the Facebook button solution.



    this helped me out a lot…thanks timethief!



    You’re welcome. :)



    I think WordPress needs to get on the ball and make this easier for people. If they can do a “Share with Twitter,” then they can do the Share with Facebook. It is on, so why not here? I have just started a blog on here but I am about to go back to because this WordPress is extremely time consuming and not user friendly.



    I created my own set of buttons so I could control the look and feel.

    I also put up a spreadsheet to show how some of the links break down and what you would modify. Download the images and then assign a link to the graphic. EzPz.

    As a FYI – in the case of Facebook you can easily pass the information from URL to FB. As an example, Blog Post = and Title = Tech Tip Social Media Toolbar.




    Are you aware of hootsuite?

    As with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you can schedule and cross-post content to multiple WordPress accounts. There is also a Home Feed for blogs you are following, as well as the ability to reblog posts you think are noteworthy.



    I have to agree with others timethief that if can make it easy to link their blogs to someone’s Facebook account it should also be the same case for WordPress. It unfortunately seems like a soap opera drama with it sorry to say!



    IMO the soap opera is being creating by bloggers who gladly accept their free blog and free blog hosting and all the free features from, but not the restrictions.

    People popping up in the here in forum threads and in my blog comments, who do not have blogs linked to their usernames don’t impress me when they weigh in by ranting about restrictions.
    And when they play the Blogger card they are comparing two very different kinds of software and that’s an apples to oranges comparison so that defines their level of ignorance (lack of knowledge.)

    The fact is that one can have an unlimited number of blogspot blogs. This gives me pause to wonder how bright is it to be posting to this manned by Volunteers and saying, in essence, “I just want to be like Blogger?”

    Volunteers answering questions on this support forum have no role to play in corporate decision making, nor are we apologists for corporate decision makers. If you need help with a blog please post your blog URL and your questions and we Volunteers will do the very best we can to provide it.

    But, if you are posting just to whine or rant then whine and rant at those who get paid to hear it. >



    There are 5 different ways to import snippets and links from blogs to Facebook fan pages outlined in this post >


    Timethief, I very much appreciate your help. I took a look and downloaded the link you suggested:

    It has the most elements of what I originally requested AND looks the nicest.

    Thank you for volunteering your efforts!



    This is gonna sound elementary: I can’t find where to post the code I’m creating @ . Any help?



    You simply switch the editor from Visual to HTML and paste in the code at the end of your posts.



    @jimmymclark. Thank you for this post. I am very new to blogging. I have a account. Where do I post the html codes? Do I have to put it at the end of every post.
    I also have an html come for the text font and color. I am currently adding it to the beginning and end of each post. Where can I post it one time for the entire blog?
    I tried putting both sets of info into the CSS feed and I can not save the info bc unless I upgrade,
    Any answers to this question would e great.

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