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    How do I add Facebook and Twitter icons to the top of my blog so that people can click to be directed to and/or follow on Facebook and Twitter? I’m using Twenty-Eleven.

    The blog I need help with is


    Follow steps 1 to 3 here:

    Then you’ll need to come up with some similar CSS to that example, except you will need to adjust it for the theme you are using. If you need help, post back here once the icons are updated in the sidebar.



    thanks for the reply. i’m stuck though. the image address is not the web link i want it to direct to right? i have downloaded the icon for facebook and uploaded it to my media library. then i added my facebook web address to the add new link web address. then down the bottom where it asks for image address, i don’t know what that is.


    the image address is not the web link i want it to direct to right?

    Right. Go to Media in your blog dashboard, click on the Facebook image you uploaded to your media library, and then look for the “File URL” value on the right. That is the image URL.

    Here is the one you uploaded before, it’s really big!

    There’s a trick to resize it on using a query string such as ?w=50 on the end of the link. Here is an example:

    That’s the link you’ll want to use for the image address.



    i use the “About me” widget. you can see how it looks on

    if i understand correct. from Norway :)


    Sometimes I wish I could favorite forum replies. :) That’s a cool use of the widget! It does require that you setup an account. Here is the related help page for anyone looking for more info about it:



    Tnx :)

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