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Adding file names etc to image in a post versus the same in the media library

  1. So I noticed that when you upload an image in a post and when you insert its identification properties (file name, alternate title, link etc), these identification attributes show up fine on the image itself in the post, BUT, they don't show up at all in the image when you browse the image in the Media library.

    I also noticed that the Description field is only available on the image in the media library but the same description field is not available on the image when you insert it into the post.

    I am attempting to understand the differences here. Why do the identification properties not being saved on the image in the media gallery and why is there a missing description field? I am looking into this from from SEO perspective and wondering if there is a disadvantage?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Up until now they were the same irrespective of where you added the information. It was the reason that if you used the same image in a number of places, you couldn't change image caption from place to place.

  3. Here's what I'm seeing on my test blog:

    I opened a Gallery to edit it, changed the caption on an image, saved the changes and closed the Image Uploader.

    In the Media library I opened the same image to Edit it, and the caption I had saved in the Image Uploader was also present in the Media Library.

    Haven't yet tried the reverse (change in the Media Library and then look in the Image Uploader).

  4. I usually upload images manually in the post I am composing, add the file attributes right there in the post and then insert image into the post.

    Sometime I would grab the images via Press This bookmarklet and then add attributes in the post. This is where I do not see the Description field (which only show up if you go to Media Library) and I never noticed that adding image attributes this way, was NOT saving the same to the image itself which resides in the Media Library.

  5. Thanks for the extra bit of information. Interesting.

    Will have to experiment a bit further tomorrow. (night time here)

  6. After you've inserted an image and then click "Edit Image" in the post/page, there is no description field in that pop-up window. See the section on "within posts" here especially the screenshots. Apparently this is the way that particular function is set up.

    If you're using the "Press This" bookmarklet, then technically you're editing the image from within your post and that is most likely why you don't see the description field.

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