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    This is sort of a two part question. My question is, how do I get a forum? I have been Google searching “create forums” or “make a forum” and I even tried “custom forums”, so my first part of this question is to give me a link to a forum website. Please do not reply giving me what I should search on Google, please just give me the link to a good Forum Making website. Also, how do I “embed” or “add” my forum into my blog.

    My Final goals are these:

    1) Have created a GOOD, nice, easy to understand, and organized forum.
    2) Make a new page on my blog titled “Forum” with the Forum there without having to link it. [Embedding it or adding it]

    If its impossible to embed it or add it, I will just link it. So is it possible to add a forum to your blog without having to link? And how do I have a forum?


    If it helps here is a link to my blog.


    You can’t put one on your blog, but there are several sources where you can get free forums online. You can then link to your forum at that site. Search Google for “free online forums”.


    Thanks but can you give me a link to one is recommended?


    I’ve never dealt with any of them so I can’t really recommend one.



    Try EZ board. I think they offer what you’re looking for.


    Ok thanks, and you are both positive that there is absolutely no way of adding this to my blog?



    There is absolutely no way of adding it into a blog. You can link to it.




    Ok Thank you to everybody who replied. I will keep this forum question open for now until I get some more good Forum Links! (Free)

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