Adding Galleries with Mac and uploading videos

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    I’m trying to add a gallery of pictures (with thumbnails) using a mac and the programs i’ve found so far are all windows based.
    Also, I need a cheap site where I can load good quality embedded videos and have that linked to the wordpress page.

    Thanks a lot!



    Do you mean to your blog or to another install on another host? There is no ‘uploading’ tool for a gallery on hosted blogs except adding them one by one through the create post interface or linking to other online galleries such as flickr or imagecaddy. If you want videos, google video and youtube also integrate nicely, but if you have the “space upgrade” there is also the video player.

    None of these are really important if you have a blog not on since you can upload plugins on other installs and should be at for that.

    Let us know where the blog is located for more specific instructions if it is on




    I have my blog on wordpress. I’m looking to use a plug-in for a image gallery embedded in my wordpress page. I noticed there are some plug-ins available but they aren’t for Macs.

    As far as uploading video goes, I just want people to be able to log on to my wordpress site (which my domain name directs people to) and click on decent quality videos and watch them. I think youtube and google are probably too low of a quality. I’m using this for job resumes.

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    Is this the blog you are talking about ? If so, we cannot use external plugins here on

    If you were self-hosted with your own web host, domain and install of the software from, then you could use plugins.


    Sorry, but here is another reference on the differences between and

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