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adding google ads to the blog

  1. I looked everywhere for this one - can we add google ads to our blogs in wordpress?

  2. Advertising is unfortunetely against the terms of service. Sorry about that.


  3. nod to Trent
    Here's the policy link

  4. Hmm, this site looks like it was with wordpress?

    I would like to add ads too but I find wordpress easy to work with.


  5. That's because it's using the software from It's not hosted here at It's two different things.

    If you grabbed the software from and found a host elsewhere, you can add in adverts.

  6. I just need a final clarification on this. I'm going to link my existing blog to my new website under construction. Once I link this to my own domain network, Is it possible to post ads if not now under

  7. You can link from you rblog to an outside site, yes. Just don't over do it like some folks do and put a link within every single post. Once in your sidebar is fine and most search engine spiders only see the first link to a site anyway. And you can run adverts on wordpress hosted elsewhere.

    Hope this helps,

  8. This is great news Mike. I should tell you I'm impressed with WP. I looked at many other blogs but nothing gave me this kind of comfort and ease. This is the reason I don wanna loose track of this blog and want to link it to my new company website. I have selfish intentions too. WP is helping me get a network and search optimization. My posts started appearing in front pages of google. Ofcourse, I do lot of pinging job to other networks. Linking this to my web site ultimately helps in increasing the traffic to my web site too. Just a small branding exercise going on!!!

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