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Adding Google Analytics

  1. Hi, I need help adding Google Analytics to my website. I keep looking for the area to put the code or where I can add the plug in, but I cannot find either one. Is there a certain place I need to be looking or need to be signed in somewhere. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's not possible. There is no FTP access to free hosted WordPress.COM blogs and we cannot install individual plugins or third party themes into them. Those found on the internet are for WordPress.ORG installs which run on different software. vs The Differences

    site stats page:

    Can I use Google Analytics?
    No, Google Analytics cannot be used on blogs at this time.

    Here is the last 5 years worth of threads >

  3. Unfreakin believable. How, after more than 5 years worth of threads and people asking for this is this still not available? It's a simple snippet of HTML and JavaScript.

  4. Have you read this? is a multiuser blogging platform. We bloggers cannot access or edit the templates underlying our themes and do any editing at all. Only Staff can access and edit those files and every edit they make affects all blogs wearing the same theme. If not being able to use Google Analaytics on your free hostde blog is problematic for you then you can hire a web host and set up a install, self host it and install Google Analytics. vs.

  5. I understand that WordPress is a multiuser and free platform. Google apps are also free and multiuser and they support HTML and JavaScript just fine. Facebook also provides easy support fo Google Analytics. I could name dozens more multiuser and free sites that also easily support it e.g. Typepad, Tumblr, LiveJournal, Blogger, Joomla, DNN, etc.. The Google Analytics code requires nothing at the server level and especially nothing that WordPress staff would be the only ones that could implement it.

    So, instead of me hosting my site and helping traffic and usage numbers I will be moving my site to another service.

    As I said before it doesn't make any technical sense that this is not allowed. The Google Analytics code is about 5 lines of HTML and a link to a javascript file hosted on google servers. This could easily be supported by, they have just chosen not to do so.

    It's completely senseless that has not enabled this support in all these years.

  6. theguysgourmet

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaamen to that.

  7. thesportsarchives
    Member's time to get with the program.

  8. Please feel free to go all the way to the top and let Staff know how you feel

  9.'s time to get with the program.

    The give all your personal information in every form it exists to Google program is available to you. Feel free about hiting a web host and setting up a self hosted install to participate.

  10. Why is that? Is that because Google analytics Aka Blogger is a competitor? That's why it's

    not possible.

  11. Do you know any other solution to get professionnal analysis without javascript?

  12. No I don't. As I pointed out above there is no FTP access to free hosted WordPress.COM blogs and we cannot install individual plugins into them.

  13. i appreciate the ease of use hosting w/ you all, and the yearly fee is nominal, but probably going to transfer one or two of my sites to a real host simply b/c of the analytics issue. simply stupid to not allow integration.

  14. Best wishes to you on your move.

  15. I am a programmer and web developer and can tell you that it would be EXTREMELY easy for to add support for google analytics, even without giving users the ability to edit templates, and even with the broad variety of 3rd party themes.

    All they have to do is replace the "</body>" endtag with the analytics code followed by "</body>" in any theme at publication time. can supply the code themselves, as sites such as do, requiring only that the user enter the google analytics ID into a web form.

    I'm all of a sudden having second thought about launching with Dang it. More work to do.

  16. site stats page:

    Can I use Google Analytics?
    No, Google Analytics cannot be used on blogs at this time.

    Here is the last 5 years worth of threads >

    Read also > vs The Differences

  17. Thanks! I just found that too.

    Looks like a decision not to allow Google Analytics. Gosh I was hoping to get up and running fast, but I hate having my hands tied for no good reason.

  18. Oh yeah. I just remembered that WordPress code emits endless warning notices to the PHP log file -- the developers thought it okay to allow warnings for things they can live with. Messes up all my other development, because I value the warnings and strive to eliminate them. So it's or no WordPress at all for me. Poo.

  19. Heck. It's even easier. It need only be a widget that shows nothing and takes one input: the google analytics ID. A programmer could write AND test this in an hour. The GA code can go anywhere on the page, including the sidebar.

    I wonder why WordPress thinks they are more valuable disallowing GA?

  20. marketingdeguerrilha

    Really, there´s no excuse wordpress staff could give us to explain this.

    Horrible marketing decision. I wonder who´s responsible for this lack of marketing vision.

  21. yup i can tell i made a big mistake using instead of .org, it’s so limiting. I tried to switch to .org, got the hosting all setup, used the export tool for all my .com blog posts and then the import tool failed every time on the .org side pulling in the data. I switched from blogger to, kinda regretting it.

  22. Talk with the people on the wordpress.ORG forums about the failing import, or do some searching over there for what happens. Most likely they have a solution for you.

  23. jonathonbalogh

    Hi sjfischer77, you actually can get Google Analytics working at but the solution is a little technical and requires that you have your own domain. It's been mentioned before on the forums so I won't go into detail here but if you're interested you can read about how I got it working on my blog.

  24. @designaskew... this is the forum, your link means nothing for people with a blog. Maybe you should go spam the forum instead.

    I'm sensing a lot of sock puppetry going on... there's the stench of Blogger in this thread.


    jonathonbalogh is correct. You CAN get Google analytics on a blog.

  26. @feartheseeds oh yup! I thought it was .org forum, how should I delete that reply ?

  27. You can't. Only staff and moderators can delete posts here.

  28. The Stats page has hardly any information on it. I have heard that Google Analytics is great and has LOADS of info, so i was wondering whether i could do it on a blog. But obviously you can't.
    Either WordPress should put more info on their Stats page or allow us to use Google Analytics on our blogs.

  29. Go to and follow the very easy steps to making an account... it'll give you some more numbers and stats to stare at. If you need more, upgrade to a paid account and there are literally dozens more stats and graphs you can stare at -- Site Meter easily has as many stats and graphs as Google does that you can stare at.

    If you need even more numbers to stare at, try and which should give you enough numbers to stare at that you'll never have time to blog ever again. Yay.

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