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Adding Google Analytics

  1. Do you know any other solution to get professionnal analysis without javascript?

    You can use Statcounter stats in free blog. Also, it's one of the best statistics site.

  2. Scroll down to "Vistor tracking" on this page

  3. I now use Sitemeter, which provides free stats and information with just putting a widget on your blog.

  4. I use for my DNS hosting and they allow me to add a Google Analytics App (With my UA-XXXXXX) code.

    Works fine with hosted sites.

  5. There are Tumblr themes that allow you to just add the tracking code, and then the actual javascript isn't handled by the end user. Is it possible could slip in similar functionality?

    I haven't been able to transfer from to my own hosted install yet because my theme here isn't available for hosted installs. But simple things like this are really making the service a pain to use.

  6. I have recently gone back from (self hosted WordPress software) to (, after self hosting for years. In all this time I've had Google analytics and I very rarely apart from the ego boost, did anything with that wealth of data. In my view, WordPress is well advised to stick with their decision, and I don't think it's bad marketing at all: folks who have commercial interests have no reason not to self host—the degrees of freedom available (and the work to be done accordingly) are simply immeasurably higher. In order to make the step from SiteMeter, StatCounter and other small-scale data aggregators traffic to the behemoth Google, you'll need to want to invest a lot more time than the average blogger is willing to do. And every minute that you poke through the data haystack is a minute that you're not spending on creating content: which arguably is why people come to you at all. And of lecture!

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