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    I’m finding that the site stats is lacking many of the functionalities that Google Analytics provides such as unique visits amongst other things. With that said, is it possible that we can see its implementation into WordPress? For our blogs to grow, I think google analytics is still the top tool and to have it as a restriction makes me reconsidering renewing my subscription with wordpress when the time comes.

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    Can I use Google Analytics?
    No, Google Analytics cannot be used on blogs at this time.

    Note: There is no upgrade you can purchase that changes this.

    Read all the years and pages of forum threads and and know you appear to be beating the ghosts of a herd of dead horses



    It’s rather ridiculous that wordpress continues to ignore the requests to have an implementation of google analytics on this blog. This is a major black mark in my opinion and I wish I knew of this before I hosted my blog here.

    While I do love all the other features of wordpress, business is business and google analytics is THE statistical marketing tool of the internet. I’ve already suggested to my wife to use blogger instead just for this one simple fact.

    This begs the question, if there is such a high demand for GA, why is WordPress so intent on ignoring it? Can one of the Engineers please enlighten me on this?

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