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    Hi Everyone
    I’m attemtping to add a spreadsheet saved into Google Docs onto my blog but not winning.
    I’ve tried pasting the HTML code but for some reason its not working, any tips?



    What is the HTML code? Paste it here between backticks so it will display properly. Backticks are usually on the same key as the ~. So backtick, code, backtick.

    Also; as far as I know tables will display (if they’re narrower than your column) but spreadsheets will not. Different code.



    <iframe width='500' height='300' frameborder='0' src=''></iframe>

    Ok, clearly I’m technically challenged because I have no idea what most of what you said in your response actually means. :-)


    That is an iframe, and iframes are not allowed at due to security concerns. Neither are forms, javascript or flash. I do not know of anyway to display google docs with the exception of doing a screen capture of the spreadsheet and saving it as a PNG or GIF, or possibly making a PDF out of it that people can then open in their browser or in Adobe Reader.

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