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    Hi! I’m trying to create a portfolio look on my WordPress blog. I’m using a template found on Graph Paper Press to do this. I’ve performed all of the steps to upload this theme to the blog by using these instructions:
    I have WordPress downloaded correctly to my hard drive and I’ve performed all the steps correctly and everything appears to be right, but I am having trouble going from step 2 to 3 on Graph Paper Press’s instruction (see the link above). The F8 theme (which comes from Graph Paper Press), which I’ve downloaded and appears in the correct folder on my computer, doesn’t appear on my WordPress Admin Panel, under Appearance-theme, as described in the instructions.

    What can I do to fix this? I’m sure it must be something simple.
    Thank you!!!

    The blog I need help with is



    You can’t upload your own themes to a blog. You need a self-hosted WordPress installation for that. Check out for more information on hosting your own WordPress blog.



    I’m using XAMPP, MySQL and Apache, which are all installed in my Mac and seem to have all the correct folders in the right places…. I’ve followed the instructions correctly. From what I know, my MacBook Pro is able to host websites, I just want it to host a WP website with the WP format.
    Where I’m getting stuck is when the instructions tell me to use the WP admin panel to choose my themes. I see the WP Admin panel in the WP Server, but I don’t see it locally in the WP I’m trying to install locally on my computer. How can I set up a WP admin panel in my computer to administer my local WP server?



    As @staked said, in order to get assistance, you need to go to (more specifically the Support section).

    You are currently in a forum for blogs hosted by and our answers will not apply to your situation.



    Ok, thanks guys. Guess I assumed that applying a different theme to a WordPress blog was still considered part of the WordPress I had associated with my blog. I’ll try to look elsewhere for help. Thanks for your time!

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