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    I have a private blog for our spirituell film club and I plan on adding the others in our group to it.
    I did a test on another e-mail address I use and did an invite to myself.
    The link came and I clicked it. I just wanted to create a password and login name and e-mail without having to create a new blog, but it did not move on, as it was forcing me to create a blog.

    What I would like to do is this:
    Create a invite for the others, perhaps even create a username and password with their e-mail address for each person so that I can just send them an e-mail telling them to go to the blog and sign in using the username and password I give them.

    I have been looking for solutions but have not found any yet.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. Does this recent topic help?

    And yes, you can create a username without creating a blog. There is an option for that (“Just a username, please”)




    Yes the recent topic helped!

    The problem I had was first off not clicking the: “Add user to my blog as a contributor”
    I also clicked the add user to my blogroll (not sure what that does though or what the difference is between the two.)

    When I clicked the invite (I sent an invite to another e-mail address that I use) and came to the wordpress signup page I did not notice “Sign up for just a username.”

    I’ll just add a little recipe to clear things up if others are having difficulty.

    How to add a new person, guest, contributor to your blog who has not earlier signed up on

    The process is so:
    Under users menu in the control panel click invites.
    Fill in first and last name.
    E-mail and a personal invite if you’d like.

    Be sure to click: Add user to my blog as a contributor
    and optionally also click add user to my blogroll.

    When I plan on sending out invites I will likely write in the personal message box:
    “On the signup page be sure to click the Sign up for just a username (if you do not want a new blog). You’ll see it below and to the right of Username.”

    Have a great day!

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