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Adding header image for Mistylook theme

  1. Hi all,
    I have the Mistylook theme for my blog at and I am trying to add my custom image for the header.

    I have the image and it is sized at 760*190 pixels as well.

    I used the "upload" function initially and it did not give any error thankfully. I checked, but unfortunately, I was not able to view the image at all. Moreso, at times, it would show up at 200px which is the value given in the CSS for height under #headerimage.

    I then tried to do that via css (background:url('http://....jpg'), but it does not show up on that either. I have tried almost everything including tinkering with the width and height of the headerimage in CSS - but i am not able to see the image, although the height changes.

    Am I doing something wrong here?
    Any words of advice?


  2. This got resolved. It was a problem with the pixel size of the image in picasa. I tried with the other size options - worked with the "Large(800px)" option perfectly!!.


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