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Adding header on silver is the new black???

  1. Hello everyone
    i have CSS theme editor, but i dont think i can add a costum header on silver is the new black. Today i saw it on If anyone knows how to do it, plz tell me.

  2. FIRST: Stop posting this damn thread. Three times? Just stop.

  3. FIRST: It is 2 times. lol
    SECOND: It happened because of the "Whhoops sth has gone wrong etc"

  4. Ah, okay. Sorry, I saw it once with 0 posts and once with 1 and then POOF, another one with 1, which I guess was the one with 0 posts, fixed.

  5. Have you tried going to and looking at the source code? You should be able to copy it from there.

  6. Well, he ADAPTED it.

  7. do you know any websites with help for starting from scratch?

  8. For CSS advice? Well, the FAQ has a few tutorials listed, and I have heard is very good for tutorials as well. It looks like that blog has just replaced the background grey with a banner he made, so all you'd need to do is find the spot in the code where the .jpg is different from the standard Silver is the New Black and put your image in there.

  9. In the CSS look for where it says:

    #header a {

    Then after color add:
    background-image:url('image url');

  10. thanks mike

  11. How do you get it to show the picture?

  12. @mixturey101:

    You have to have custom CSS then do what I said in the most recent post I made in this thread.

  13. Is there a way you dont have to buy CSS?

  14. No. To do custom CSS functions you need a working knowledge of CSS and the upgrade.

  15. Thanks Mike!!!
    Ps. Please come to my site!!!
    ( )


  16. lol I only have been using wordpress for 3 months and I have like almost 7,000 hits!

  17. Thank you Mike! That was a big help/

  18. Thank's Mike, now that I looked this up my css is like the best!

  19. Hey mike look at my header!!!!!

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