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    I’m using the ocean mist theme and would like to have a “home” tab at the top so users can return to the home page from elsewhere in the blog. The only way I know to create new tabs is add a page, but if I create a “home” page then it is just a blank page. What else can I try?


    Before we answer that, you must give us a link to your blog, or link your nickname to your blog (as explained in the Sticky “8 Things to Know”).




    Try this in the title of a page

    <a href="">Home </a>

    Note that you need to have the space after the word home.


    Thanks – we need that, first because we get an awful lot of questions from people who mistakenly come here while they have a wordpress.ORG blog, second because often we have to see the blog in order to find out what exactly a problem is or if a particular solution is applicable.

    See here:

    An alternative is to write a short note in a text widget (placed in the top of the sidebar) informing readers that to return to the homepage they can click on the title of the blog.


    Hi Vivian…



    Hey there, panaghistisadam :) BTW – how come your nick doesn’t link to your blog? :)



    Thank you Vivian! That worked!


    @vivianpaige: Hehe, I knew I had it coming… My blog is in Greek, which would be meaningless to most or all of you – and I wouldn’t like to have my texts undergo the disfiguring torture of auto-translators. My blog is eponymous, and my (also horrible looking in English) username is my real name and surname, so Greek readers can easily find me. (If you’re really curious, I can give you the link.)



    Well, I figured I’d ask before someone else did :)

    whirlabout – glad that worked

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