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Adding HTML

  1. How can I add HTML to my posts? Any ideas? How about to the sidebars? is this possible yet with



  2. you can add HTML to your posts alright, just disable the WYSIWYG editor from your profile page. Even then, the HTML is quite a bit restricted, you can use only a few formatting tags!!

    as for sidebar, no, you can't do anything there, since that's part of the theme & is not customisable!!

  3. 2itsme: which formatting tags can't be used?

  4. well, I've tried using div, span & they can't be used, then you can't use the 'style' attribute with either of them or 'p' or 'font' tag etc.

    just create a test post & check for yourself which tags you can use & which you can't!!

    you can use 'a', 'em', 'strong', 'ul', 'ol', 'li' & 'blockquote' tags for sure, I've used them & they work fine!!

  5. well, I did and those posts not even 'test' ones.

    found no problems (beyond that rendering engines of some advanced browsers treat some tags in the rather strange manner).

  6. To do a marquee: <marquee/>TEXT GOES HERE!</marquee>

  7. Marquee's are horrible.. by a standards point of view, so is the blink tag.

  8. Where can I disable de WYSIWYG editor and change it to a html

  9. victoriacarolina

    In your user profile page, toward the bottom I believe.

  10. I looked under your profile and i dont see WYSIWYG is user profile and your profile are different wear is user profile?

  11. victoriacarolina

    admin/users/your profile - at the bottom left just like I said.

    Personal Options

    Use the visual rich editor when writing

  12. Im sorry in totally new to this i see Use the Visual rich editor when writing. But only thing around it is change password wear would i put the HTML at.

    Im sorry guess im really slow today or sum

  13. victoriacarolina

    Uncheck the box next to that.

    Then you just use the write post section normally. Once you uncheck the box next to Use the Visual rich editor when writing, it's just "plain" when you write.

  14. Thank you I understand now

  15. victoriacarolina

    Good job then! Enjoy, and post back if you need anything else.

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