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Adding html code for buttons (Technorati etc)

  1. Where in the Admin section do I add the html code for the buttons?

  2. You have to add it in to each post by hand in the Code editor. If you do a forum search for "Social Bookmarks" or "Add This Button" you'll find numerous threads on the subject.

  3. Okay, thanks for the help.

  4. I just thought I would clarify what I wanted. I'd like something like this (subscription sidebar and after having seen your site, I'm wondering how you get those little square links after each post. Do you use Add This?

  5. I don't, but Timethief does. There are two threads about that in the forum; I use the little buttons because I think they're prettier than just the one big one.

  6. Okay, I get the part about adding the code to a post, but how do you add the buttons to the side bar? Is it in the Widget section? I agree with the little buttons, may I ask where you got those?

  7. I got them from Sunburntkamel in another thread called Social Bookmarking:

    I keep them in a Word document and just replace the marker words with the URL and name of hte post.

  8. Unfortunately, I couldn't see Sunburntkarmel's blog properly because the writing was condensed on my screen (no idea why considering it's a 17" monitor and at 1024 x 768) it seems like the first part of the content is covered by other things on the site, obscuring it.

    Do you happen to have the intructions / code available? Also, I noticed that you had the Technorati button on your sidebar, how did you add that?

    Thanks for all the help.

  9. I got the instructions for the Technorati thing from Timethief in one of the threads in teh main forum, don't remember which one. It's just a button, you can get the image and link from Technorati and put them in an empty text widget.

    If I were you I'd email him. Or you can struggle through these instructions on my blog, being sure to read the comments:

  10. Dug out the code. We'll see if this works. Save as a Word doc and then search "addy" and replace all with the URL of the post. Then search "name" and replace all with the name, being careful if the URL has the word "name" in it. That screws things up.

    <a href=";title=Name"><img src="" alt="add to" title="" /></a> :: <a href=";Title=Name"><img src="" alt="Add to Blinkslist" title="blinklist:Name" /></a> :: <a href=";t=Name"><img src="" alt="add to furl" title="furl:Name" /></a> :: <a href=""><img src="" alt="Digg it" title="Digg it:Name" /></a> :: <a href=";title=Name"><img src="" alt="add to ma.gnolia" title="ma.gnolia:Name" /></a> :: <a href=""><img src="" alt="Stumble It!" title="Stumble it:Name" /></a> :: <a href=";title=Name"><img src="" alt="add to simpy" title="simpy:Name" /></a> :: <a href=";title=Name"><img src="" alt="seed the vine" title="newsvine:Name" /></a> :: <a href=";title=Name"><img src="" title="reddit:Name" /></a> :: <a href=";new_comment=Name"><img src="" title="fark:Name" /></a> :: <a href="" title="TailRank"><img src="" alt="TailRank"></a>
  11. Okay, I think it worked. Very nice and clean as well. I'll work on the buttons later. Thanks for the help, it's much appreciated.

  12. You're welcome. I hope they bring you lots of hits.

  13. The buttons in the sidebar are in a text widget. You need to just paste the appropriate HTML into a text widget, and you're good to go. I can't tell you what that HTML would be, though. I assume the sites you want to link to would have that info.

  14. But buttons in a sidebar will only ever refer to your blog as a whole, won't they? I've had only something like 20 hits for social bookmarking my site as a whole, but I've had several thousand from bookmarks on individual posts.

  15. i have no idea; i don't use them, but the OP asked about the post buttons and the sidebar buttons.

  16. Are you looking for this?
    Add This - Social bookmarking
    Technorati favorite button can be found at

  17. raincoaster

    So, to add all these buttons one would have to publish the post first and then edit so that one can get the url, right? That sounds like a long process.

  18. Yes and no, in that order. It takes me about thirty seconds from publishing the post to having buttons in it. Copy URL, go to Edit while bringing up the text file, Replace All for "addy", Replace All for "nomen", copy all, paste in the Code tab, Publish.

  19. That was very helpful. Comment #9 did it for me.

  20. Thank you raincoaster, much appreciated.

    Am still thinking whether or not to have those cute buttons in there :-)

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