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Adding HTML codes on the blog

  1. I signed up with and Each of them gave me an HTML code to add on the blog. I've tried to figure out how its done but to no avail. Could someone please help out...?


  2. It would have to be added as a link in your sidebar. Read the pink "sticky" at the top of the forum, I believe there is a reference to the solution

  3. We can't modify the templates here unless you pay and host your site yourself. So we can't add html codes. I tried putting Site Meter as a link on my sidebar here like how someone told me. But I checked the next day at Site Meter and it said I had 0 visitors when I know I had visitors. I'm probably doing something wrong though.

  4. victoriacarolina

    You can add all the straight html links you want to add. You can't add js or other scripts. Two totally different things.

  5. Nevermind and don't ask*edited for the purpose of not knowing a dog darn thing*

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