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    When I upload an image it appears in the lower window but there is no button “Send To Edit” As a result I have only “Publish” to click and then image goes but not to my page.

    Also I cannot find procedure to create another blog. I may have screwed up something creating the first one.



    Re: image uploading
    (1) Are these the instructions that you followed?
    (2) Have you tried to follow the troubleshooting directions here?
    (3) Are you using the text rich visual editor or have you shut it off?
    (4) What browser and version of it are you using? (WordPress works very well with IE7, Firefox2 and Opera 9. IE6 and Safari have issues.)
    (5) Have you tried a forced clearing of your browser?
    Windows – IE or FF ctrl-F5
    Macs – FF – Cmd-Shift-R

    Re: getting another blog
    Click on this url
    under your avatar you will see Your Blogs
    Under that you will see
    619,969 blogs on
    Register another blog ยป If your click on Register another blog you will arrive here and be able to add a new blog



    I have determined that the problem was the browser I was using. Safari does not seem to be compatible with wordpress.

    I downloaded FireFox and now it works fine.

    Thanks for your efforts.



    YAY! I’m happy to hear you found a solution. Happy blogging. :)



    Safari has a number of issues with many things on the net. It’s come up before here.

    Sorry you had issues.

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