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    Hi, I have a tumblr account i’m looking to display the most recent image from either in a stickied post or sidebar widget; i’ve tried the rss widget but that doesn’t show images as well as the text widget, but that doesn’t support javascript; is there any work around or other widget that i can get to display the most recent image from rss?

    The blog I need help with is



    Apparently you can use the Flickr widget, and just put in the RSS feed address of your Tumblr. I can’t vouch for it but the person who asserted it was insistent that it worked.



    Oh that absolutely worked!
    Thank you so much for the innovative and prompt reply. I didn’t even think to use the flckr widget i thought it would be a direct login display like the twitter widget!

    They should change the name from flickr widget to rss image feed or something.
    This is perfect, exactly what i was looking for, thanks again!

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