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Adding Images to the Footer

  1. I would like to add an image, similar to a custom header, in or just above the footer of my blog. You can view my blog at I want the image to be at the bottom of every page I create. How can I make this happen?

  2. Actually I can't view your blog. Your link doesn't work for me since you've got the 'www' in there incorrectly. When you have a third level name like 'dayspringblog', it takes the place of the 'www' bit. 30% of the net and most search engine spiders can't follow such a link.

    But to answer your question, the themes are pretty much uneditable except for CSS. You could add it a background image to your footer via the CSS editor if you have the upgrade but actually adding images wouldn't work. Since this is a shared environment, you would be changing the theme for everybody if you were allowed to do that and they would be doing the same thing to you.

    Only real thing to do is manually copy and paste an image link into each post. Please remember though that this can't be a link as that would be link spamming which would be against teh ToS.

  3. Thanks for the info drmike.

  4. Not a problem. :)

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