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    I am going to be adding in some additional users to a blog, they will be given ‘Author’ priviledges.

    I thought I would do a test with myself. I registered a new account, but only asked for a username i.e. no blog. I then invited myself to join the blog, but when I logged back into my new account I was unable to access the blog to which I had been invited without first having to create my own blog?

    Is this correct? Can someone not just register for a username and then be invited to be a author on a blog without having to actually create their own blog?

    I hope this makes sense?

    Many thanks,





    Um, no.

    The new Author for your site has to register at and get an account with us. (It’s up to them if they want their own blog or not.) Then you go to Dashboard -> Users -> Add new user at the bottom of the page and add in the email address they registered with. You can find a FAQ on the subject here as well as another FAQ on the different roles here.

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    I agree that is how it should work. However, when I add the new user using their email address, when that user logged back into thier account they could not access the dashboard. When they clicked the dashboard it kept taking them to a page to register for their own blog, rather than to the dashboard of the blog to which they have been invited.




    That is exactly the problem I was facing with my test. The new user had to register for their own blog before they could access the dashboard of the one I’ve invited them to.



    It seems some things had reverted back to what they once were. I noticed the reversion in the past few days and that’s why I pulled the old thread out for you. I presumed you wanted to get underway quickly and of course your friend doesn’t have to actually create any blog contents, right? This is a feedback issue.



    Thanks for the info. Yeah, I guess the new member doesn’t have to create any info for the blog, but it’s just so annoying. Especially if I want to get people involved with my site who aren’t interested in creating any kind of blog for themselves.

    Pleeeeease take note WP team, can this be changed?



    I’m having the same problem. I just joined a few days ago in the hopes of creating a group blog for some radio talk show producers I recently attended a conference with. Some of the people I’d like to add are a little technophobic, and I’m afraid they won’t want to join if they have to click “Gimme a blog!”

    I told them all they could just get usernames and then they’d be able to post to the group blog (after I added them as authors) but apparently this isn’t the case? Is this a glitch that can be fixed in a few days? Or will this be a while? If it’s going to be a long-term problem, I’ll just try adding them as administrators, before everyone loses interest.




    I’m glad others are experiencing this quirk. I have contacted support directly and pointed them to this thread.

    Hopefuly, we should hear something soon.



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