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Adding JavaScript counter to - maybe possible :)

  1. if you sign up on a webpage that supports javascript and just add the counter there and then add a html code in were it automatically opens that page in your blog but in a small area of your blog (not popups) should that word?

  2. Can you give a more specific example? We've seen so many cases where things work for blogs but not WP.COM.

  3. ill post a example when ill come home :)

  4. i was thinking something like:

    <iframe src="" name="frejm" width="300" height="300" scrolling="auto"></iframe>

    but it seems that wordpress doesnt support iframe codes eather or am i wrong?

  5. You're right: it doesn't.

    No Forms, no iframes, no javascript, no Flash. The best I've seen is something like the Weatherpixie, which updates every time you refresh the page, but isn't strictly speaking dynamic. doesn't and will not allow stuff to open in a page to somewhere else on the web like that; the security risk is too great.

    Of course, those rules don't necessarily apply if you're a VIP blog.

  6. VIP blog?

  7. VIP blogs are high-profile and high-traffic (500,000+ pageviews per month). There is a startup fee and a monthly fee.

  8. try this

    i add it to my sidebar

  9. cool, what is your site. would like to see what the counter looks like and how you put up.

  10. coolsmurf's site is

    I looked it up because that is pretty cool widget. I just added it to my site. It's nice that there's no registration or anything required. Just use a unique value as the key (they generate a random one for you).

  11. There are a few threads from Sanjiabad in the Off-topic forum on different things to put in text widgets; that's one.

    Ahem: I was the first at to use that one, as far as I know.

  12. @raincoaster do you have a link to that thread? Searching for text widgets returns tons of threads and when I search for 'Sanjiabad' I only get this thread.

  13. Probably my typo. I'll do a quick search for you and post back to this thread.

    Here we go, this is the best one:

    Not only can't I spell, I can't even remember the woman's name! D'oh!

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