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Adding left sidebar

  1. is it possible to add a left sidebar to the blog along with having a right sidebar?
    Or keeping the right sidebar and making a custom left sidebar?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. The blog linked to your username ( In order to help you, we need the URL of the blog you are asking about, starting with http://

  3. I meant to say: no longer exists*

  4. is supposed to be it... thats wierd why is it redirecting to my old beta site?

  5. To solve the "username linking to wrong blog" problem, follow step 2 of the following document:

    Digg 3 and Coraline are two themes that have dual sidebars. Otherwise, if you wish to keep the Enterprise theme, it may be possible to add a sidebar on the left but in that case it would require you to buy the CSS upgrade and knowledge of the CSS language.

  6. Ah i see, Ya i know some CSS coding but i'd need donations for the CSS Upgrade.
    Thanks :)

  7. Left and right sidebars:
    Andreas 09, Coraline, Digg 3, Garland, Pilcrow, zBench; also Structure, on homepage only.

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