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Adding link in sidebar

  1. On my homepage below my Search Box, I want to add a link to my contact form page. How can I do that without losing everything already in my sidebar?

    My blog is at

    P.S. How could I have made the above link "active"?

  2. The link would have been active if it were an entire url, ie: with http://

    You could add the link in a text widget but if your current sidebar is the original, then you'd need to reconstruct it with widgets.

    Or you could make your contact form a Page alongside About, etc. I didn't see a form there at all, just a link to a subpage.

  3. I'm unsure what you mean by "make your contact form a Page alongside About." To you mean adding a button in the top button bar for Contact?

  4. I thought about reconstructing my sidebar, but how can I get the widgets to align as they currently do? (I'm new to this.)

  5. Yes, a tab ("button") is what I mean. Simply publish the page as a Page, not a post and the tab wlll be added. See this in the FAQ:

    You can also see it in use on my blog, if you wish.

    Your widgets will be wherever you place them. If you haven't already, take a look at Presentation/Widgets from your dashboard to see how it works. HTH

  6. Where's your blog?

    Is it easy to reconstruct the sidebar and get the same alignment as it current has? The right sidebar has two columns.

  7. Just click on my name to get to my blog. You can add yours to your name in your profile.

    Reconstructing your sidebar is a simple matter of drag and drop. I don't know if your theme provides two columns on your widget page. Does it?

  8. I'm using Regulus. In my Widgets page there's just one sidebar. But in my blog's sidebar notice how Blog Roll is next to Categories. That's the effect I want to keep.

  9. Yes, I noticed that when I looked at your blog earlier. I don't know if your theme will allow you to place widgets side-by-side instead of one of top of the other. Perhaps someone who does know will pop in and try to help further. Sorry. :(

  10. I appreciate your help.

  11. ellaella,

    I just looked at your blog. Nice. Yours is much more advanced than mine.

    Are you using a template available through


  12. @writerhoward
    The Regulus theme default display provides two sidebars side by side. That however is the default display and as soon as one adds widgets this changes to a single sidebar.

  13. I suspected that was the case re: sidebar but wasn't sure. Thanks for the clarification

    @writerhoward - My theme is Misty Look but I have the CSS upgrade and changed its look and feel quite a bit. Thanks for the kind words.

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