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    Hi guys,
    Im hoping I can ask for help

    I have recently bought the Custom CSS – How can make my logo at the top link back to the homepage. e.g. when people click on my logo it links directly back to my webpage. At the moment if you click on the logo it directs back to my blog homepage.

    I have been informed that If i can somehow get a button or a link or something into the blog layout that takes the user back to the website, all I need is for it to have an ID attribute and I can place it over the logo, make it invisible, and make it shoot the user back to the site upon clicking.

    Please advice

    Kind Regards


    The blog I need help with is



    You might be able to do that with a text widget with a link in it. Give that link and ID, and try using something like the following on it:

    The CSS:

    a#random-id-label {

    The HTML in a text widget:

    Or if you don’t have the CSS upgrade, you could try this:

    That should have created a 100×100 pixel red box on the screen which was shifted 50px to the right and 100px upwards. By modifying the width, height, top and left, you will hopefully be able to place the box on top of the logo as you require. Obviously you want to remove the background:red eventually, but it helps to be there when positioning it so you can actually see where the box is on the screen.

    Sometimes this can get tricky depending on the theme setup though, so I can’t guarantee this will always work. It’s worth a try at least though :)



    Ok. That really didn’t like my HTML lol. Here’s another crack:

    The HTML in a text widget:

    Or if you don’t have the CSS upgrade, you could try this:



    Ack, I Give up … actually, one last try:

    The HTML in a text widget:

    <a href="#" id="random-id-label"></a>
    Or if you don't have the CSS upgrade, you could try this:
    <a style="position:absolute;left:50px;top:-100px;width:100px;height:100px;background:red;" href="#" id="random-id-label"></a>

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