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  1. I would like to link encouraging links to my blog, but am afraid of having my blog shut down as a result of being responsible for the content. For example, I love this site and am wondering if sites like these would be okay to link to even if they are promoting books,selling something, that goes for a good cause?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no restriction with regard to adding this blog to your Links (Blogroll).

  3. But do remember what raivcoaster said the last time you posted a thread on this:

    What you absolutely CANNOT do is say "Donate money to my Paypal, and I promise to give it to really good charities".

    You CAN do "I'm running this marathon for charity, support the fundraising at this link" But if you don't run the marathon, we'll hunt you down.

  4. Thanks! Why was your blog taken down if your were mentioning an abuse program( I think)

  5. I don't what you are talking about. Whose blog were taken down. Not mine.

  6. How did the marathon turn out? What was the charity donation?

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