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    Forum members helped with my last set-up problem, I’m hoping you can do it again.

    I’m blogging about political issues. I want to have a “contact Congress” page with links to congressional websites where people can look up their Congresspersons. WordPress support doesn’t recomment putting a link directly on the page, but that’s what I want to do. Spammers aren’t going to hurt the Congress website – it’s not an e-mail address they can send spam to. Having to concoct a sentence in which I can highlight a couple words and have that be the link would be confusing to readers. Is there a way to do what I want?

    P.S. Still frustrated with WordPress. I spend an hour or more reading support pages and never find all the info I need.

    The blog I need help with is


    I’m not sure I understand your question: what else can a link be if not some text you click on? Perhaps we could clear this up if you give us an example: a couple of webpages you want to link to, and what exactly you’d like your page to display.



    Easy to make a line

    Senator Mud Head, Some State – and have that click on to go to their office.

    PS – the above was a search for “links in Post” in the Support Section: and was to top item


    It would be easy to follow WordPress instructions if it was just one legislator, but I want to link to sites where anyone from any state can find addresses for all their representatives. (e.g.

    Sorry if my question came out as confused as I felt. WordPress seems to want you to link within a sentence, (e.g. “click on this link to reach ______”, where the address is connected to the phrase “this link”) or something like auxclass wrote (where you click on the name). I want to list and and others where you can reach both senators and reps.

    I hope this clarifies a bit. Thanks.



    Then use the instructions in the link I gave – just paste in the link as plain text into your Post or Page – then follow the instructions to make the plain text a link – no need to have Senator Mud Head and the link hidden if you don’t want to –


    Thanks! With your help I seem to have figured it out. I’d been to that support page last night, tried what they said, but it didn’t look right. I didn’t want to publish until I knew it was o.k.

    It’s earlier tonight so I’m less tired. With your second encouragement I tried again. Still looked strange on the compose screen, but looks great on the actual page.

    Think I’ve resolved problems on anything that’s essential to my blog so I shouldn’t frustrate the helpful Forum members with my ignorance for a while at least Thanks again..



    You be welcome & good luck

    PS – the different look from the editor screen to the published look is what the “Preview” button is for. So you can check the look of a Post before publishing it.

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