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    I’ve got an image that I’ve put into my css script (to form part of the layout of the page) and I was wondering if I could attach a link to it. – the image is the technorati logo at the bottom of posts (obviously I’d like the link to go to the technorati home page).



    Not in CSS. You would have to hardcode the theme.

    engtech has been doing some stuff with moving around the widgets within the page. I don’t know if he’s done any write ups on teh subject though.



    I am not sure. What about the pseudo class .before?


    that’d be a nice trick, but i don’t think it’ll work.
    doesn’t execute any of the code you stick in there, unfortunately. (at least not as i can get it to, it just displays the raw HTML). you can get things like images in there with this trick:

    p.tagged:before {
    content: url('')

    so perhaps if you made an html file with your link in it, you could pull in the html via url(”) ?

    that would seem to be a substantial security risk, though, so even if you could get it to work, might strip it out.



    Feedback sent just in case. :)



    Without access to the html this is bending the abilities of the CSS hackers. :)

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