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    I’m just starting out and don’t really understand what i’m doing if i’m honest, so hopefully someone can help me.

    I’m trying to add a Paypal ‘donation’ link to my blog as i’m raising money for Yorkshire Cancer Research my doing the Marathon des Sables in 2009. WhenI paste in the HTML code provided by paypal into my blog as soon as I press ‘Save’ the code disappears!!

    Why is this? Am I doing something wrong?



    Here are a couple of threads that might help. We have to use slightly different code here at WordPress, not just their standard widget.



    Thats worked, thanks raincoaster!!

    Is it possible to follow the same principle with a standard link? I want to put a link to my running club on a page, where you click on an icon. I have tried using the walk thru provided by steevg and the following bit of code-

    <img src=”insert picture file link here including file extension.gif”>

    Do I simply put in the website I want to link to and the path to the image?

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