Adding links to my posts while commenting on other members' blogs

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    Is there a way I can leave link (without copying the entire url address) to comments I make on other members’ blogs. I already made links in my admin page, but when I try to copy the name to them, the whole url address appears and it is not a link.

    The blog I need help with is


    You have to either switch to the Text tab in the post or page editor and copy the full HTML, or you have to write out the HTML for the link. Here is the basic structure for the link HTML. Replace LINK URL between the double quote marks with the URL you want to link to and then replace the text with the text you want to act as the link

    <a href="LINK URL">Text you want to act as the link</a>.



    I am sorry, but I tried and it doesn’t do anything. I opened a new post, that I did not intent to publish to switch to the Text tab and follow your instructions while trying to add 4 links to my earlier posts. Nothing happened. How am I supposed to add them while commenting on other people’s posts?


    In the post editor while in the Visual tab, write your comment and add the links like you would in a post (highlight the text, click the link button, put in the URL and then when you are done with the comment, switch to the Text tab, copy everything out and paste it into the comment field.



    Thank you so much Richard.


    You are welcome.

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