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Adding Links to the bottom of each post

  1. Ok, maybe opening a can of worms here. But here it goes. How do I add these links to bottom of every post. I have looked at the code for this on other blogs...I understand a little of it.

    I was unable to find anything concrete on this solution in the forum.

    I am not aware of a way it can be automatically added to the bottom of every post...I am only aware of pasting the code on every post.

    Anyone know a automatic way?

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  2. have you tried an external application to post to your blog?

    for example, on windows live writer you can add a plugin where you can add code templates

    that way you just write it once and select the template do add everytime you write a post.

  3. Thanks gang...ADD THIS works fine my end.
    Much Appreciated

  4. Thanks gang...ADD THIS works fine my end.
    Much Appreciated

  5. You're welcome. :)

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