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    HI – I added the ‘blogs i follow’ widget and would like to add more blogs to the list…also add links to other websites of interest Can’t figure out how to do either. Can anyone help? Thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    You can’t add blogs to the Blogs I Follow widget directly. The software automatically adds blogs to the Blogs I Follow widget in accord with the blog you click the follow button on.

    You can create a Blogroll in your dashboard Links section and display it in a Links widget.


    Thanks! Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be updating with blogs I’ve subsequently decided to follow, so perhaps just not working…



    Perhaps it’s just slow when it comes to updating as all widget data is cached. I’ll flag this thread for Staff to take a look at it and see if there is an issue or not.


    Thanks (maybe I just need to be a little more patient….!)



    It looks like you are only following your own blog, apart from your own, so that’s why the widget only displays that one blog that you are following. You can see the list of blogs you follow here:!/read/edit/

    If you’d like to follow more blogs, you can see some recommendations, grouped by topic, here:!/read/recommendations/


    Ah, so maybe it’s my ‘following’ that isn’t working – I’ve subsequently followed another blog (and received confirmation for sign-up). Will try again and see what happens. Thanks!


    Just realized I’ve signed up for other blogs with a different email address, so perhaps that’s why….



    Yes, if you signed up with a different email address, then the “Following” information won’t be connected to your account.


    I have a number of blogs. And I want to display the ‘Blogs I follow’ in a few of them. I want any of my BLOG to follow another blog – not my USER to follow another blog. The later is what is happening and hence the ‘Blogs I follow’ shows all the blogs that all my blogs follow. How can I make my separate blogs to follow and display separate groups of blogs they follow. Hope someone gets my question. :)



    I understand your question/suggestion :) What you are asking for is currently not possible with the Blogs I Follow widget, because subscriptions are per account (username) rather than per blog. Some other options that you have:

    1) Associate blogs with different accounts by transferring them (note that you’ll need to use different credentials to log into each of your blogs). You’ll need to create new accounts first. More about transferring a blog to a different account (username):

    2) Use the Links widget (note that it only has a list view, no grid view):

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