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    How do you add your logo?

    The blog I need help with is



    Exactly where do you want to add this logo? If you have a theme with a custom header you can include it in your header image.


    A header image might just do the trick. Most of the blogs have an option to add a header image in Appearance → Header in your blog dashboard.

    Or if you’d like to add a logo using CSS, note that each theme is unique and the CSS you use will depend on your theme. If you have settled on what theme you’d like to use, upload your logo to your media library and reply back here with the link to the logo and a more detailed description of where you’re trying to place it.


    Please start a new help request or reply here and mark the thread as “not resolved” if you still need help adding a logo.



    For the Suburbia theme template, there is a large blocked “S” with the template. Can this be removed and replaced by a logo? Thanks.



    Yes and the theme description tells you that logo is the header image (155 x 155 pixels). Suburbia description notes
    live demo site



    Thank you for speeding reply. You are an excellent source of information on this forum and your website.

    (If possible, can you also help with my other question not yet resolved, about accessing my old blog when the username and password are forgotten?)



    Hi again,
    Yes, I can help with that too. You can visit and if required click “Need More Help?”

    P.S. Thanks for the blog compliments. :)



    The plot thickens- I now have the user name, but I do not have the old email address attached to the old blog….

    Therefore, I cannot request a password reset because the request will go to the old email attached to the old blog……That is the dilemma!

    Anyway to get around this?

    How do I find out my old email address? Is this account info something WordPress staff can provide after I satisfy their security check?

    If WordPress can tell me what the address is, I can at least get that far.

    Thank you!



    Visit and if required click “Need More Help?”

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