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    I try to make a simple and minimalistic homepage with pictures in it.

    When I add a picture it seems random where it ends up on my blog page and I have trouble with increasing/decresing the size of the picture so it it fits perfect with the texture.

    Here is a good example

    It look “ok” but not quite how I want it. I have trouble moving the picture to the exact spot that I need it etc….

    It just seems a little random to me.

    Do I really need to learn CSS? I dont think I`ll be able to manage that.

    Any tips it much appreciated, Thnk you

    The blog I need help with is



    Once you’ve added the image, click on it to get the editing bar to show and then click on the little pencil. You’ll see a number of options for setting size, borders, extra space around the image, etc. Also on the editing bar are options for centering the image or having it align left or right.



    Here’s the support doc for the alignment editing @windwhistle explained:

    From there I’m afraid it’s a bit hit-and-miss: you’ll need to resize-preview-resize-preview until it looks right. Also note that if someone views your site on a different size screen it might again not look right for them.

    You can also look at this post of @timethief that explains how to insert a line of code after a paragraph-image pair to make sure the next paragraph doesn’t start next to the image from a previous paragraph (just the first section; ignore the second section about tables):



    Ok thank you both very much

    I have tried doing this but since the post looks very different in edit-mode than in preview-mode I think it will be like you say @kokkieh, change-preview-change-preview etc…and hope for it to look good by luck some day..



    Make sure you use the classic editor, rather than the Beep Beep Boop editor. The classic editor’s appearance of the posts are much closer to the published version than the new editor’s.

    To use the classic editor, go to the WP-Admin dashboard (look for the link on the My Sites page) and click on Posts ->All Posts to edit an existing post.

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