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  1. I usually am able to select size, placement and order that I post my pics and other media within my blog. Now I have a screen that only gives me two options, large and thumbnail size with no options where I can move my image posts to. Is there another screen option that I missed or did WP update and add this new screen

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks....that answers my questions.

  3. I tried what you suggested but could not choose the size of the photos or cartoons as in the old app. You may recall, as I stated earlier in my post, that with the old image screen I could choose from large, medium or small images before inserting them into my blog. If you look at my recent blogs you will see rather large images that take up a lot of space. Simply, with this new screen WordPress has, how do you choose the size? I see the crop and other functions but other than the "shape" size function, which I attempted to use, do not see an easy way of accomplishing what I want to do. a size. Thanks for any input.

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