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    i’m trying to get some more menu items to my pressrow theme.
    on the pressrow site i found the following instruction:
    Adding a Menu Item
    To illustrate, let’s assume that you want to create a new tab called Reviews as you’ve mentioned above.

    1. Create a new page template to accomodate the new menu item

    Copy the code in the page.php template file, and paste that code into a new file called reviews.php
    Within the new reviews.php file, add this code to the top of the file (before the first line of code):
    Template Name: Reviews

    Next, edit the first line of code and make the following changes:
    <?php include(‘header_reviews.php’); ?>

    2. Create the header file that you’ve just called from the new template

    Copy the contents of header_about.php into a new file, and name that file header_reviews.php.
    Line 21 of your new file should read: <div id=”page” class=”about”>
    Change it to read: <div id=”page” class=”reviews“>

    Next, add a new

  • to the unordered list of navigation links. The finished list item will probably look something like this:
  • /reviews/”>reviews
  • Repeat step 3 above on all header_(name).php template files.
    3. Adding the necessary CSS

    A section of the stylesheet is labeled “header styles,” and underneath that section, you’ll find an extra long line of style declarations for the navigation link behaviors. Locate that line, which begins with this text: .blog #nav li, .blog #nav li, …
    Add the following code to that line: .reviews #nav li, .reviews #nav li
    4. Creating your new “Reviews” page

    Within the WP Admin panel, go to “Write Page”
    On the right side of the page, you can choose to change the “Page Template.” In this case, you want to select “Reviews” from the drop-down box.
    Name the page whatever you want; enter whatever content you want, and then publish it.
    Your new navigational link should be fully functional!

    unfortunately the last point concerning the page template doesn’t work. the new topic doesn’t appear in the drop down box.
    what’s going wrong there? any idea anyone?



If you have a blog (hosted by wordpress) then you can’t do what you outlined above. We have no access to the underlying templates.

If you don’t have a (you are self-hosted/hired a webhost) then you need to ask at as they support the downloaded version of the software.

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