Adding menus in trilion lite theme ?

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    Hello all !
    I am really new to this blogging stuff, i had seen someone’s blog using trilion lite theme, so i followed it and activated this theme for my blog, The trouble i am having is that i want to add more menus on top, the theme preview does show pictures with different menus on top, also the person i copied the theme from had many menus and sub menus on the blog, but when i go to dashboard and and menus it says your theme supports only one menu. Now may be i am entirely naming these things wrong. what do we call the tabs like ” About” and ” Home” or ” policies” .. If they are indeed the menus then how can i add some to my blog. Thank in advance

    The blog I need help with is



    They are pages, not menu’s. Page’s like “About” go onto your menu.

    When it says a theme supports only one menu, it means it can only display one set of pages.

    Once you have created a new page they automatically get added to your menu.



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