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adding meta tag to blog?

  1. sportsgraduate

    I want to add the header, keywords and title for my blog but cant find where to do this.. any ideas gratefully recd...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry this is a multiuser blogging platform so we cannot access the meta data for our blogs, but not to worry because SEO rocks!

    Have you verified your blog with the three big search engines? has made that easy to do and also provides sitemaps. See >

    P.S. Matt Cutts of Google has repeatedly confirmed they use it. According to Matt, metadata was too easily manipulated by unethical web masters to be considered to be relevant and meaningful for indexing purposes.

  3. Correction: I left out a word above and it's important ... sigh .

    Matt Cutts of Google has repeatedly confirmed they DON"T use it.

  4. Hmmm, more disappearing posts?

  5. Apparently...

    Deleted post included the above two links, plus a link to a relevant response by tellyworth, plus the following links to advice by you and rain:

  6. Makes one wonder as does the recent flurry of staff appearances in the forums.

    That's the extent of my wondering though.

  7. "That's the extent of my wondering though."
    but one can't help but

    (sad emoticon here)

  8. how do you 'meta tag' your blog so that it shows up on google and other such search engines??

  9. @gugugifts you can't edit the HTML so you can't add meta tags, but, you may find it useful to verify your blog with various search engines:

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