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adding 'more' text that links to another page

  1. Hi. I want to do a teaser of text that then is fully readable at another page. I've read a few entries about this and I see the 'more' button as well as the idea of doing:
    < --! ... --> (not sure if that's replicated perfectly but I get the 'idea.')

    but I don't understand -- do you put the FULL text that you want on the NEXT page within those icons?

    This will then create its own NEW page? thanks!

  2. If I understand right, you want the teaser and then the link to the full article?

    Just put the "more" tag in where you want to break the page and then keep typing. The system will sort it out automatically for you so that when the reader clicks "read more" they will go to the full article.

  3. oh that's amazing. thanks. will try it. (yes, that's what I meant.)

  4. 1 more question: will this NOT show up on "preview?" thanks.

  5. writingeveryday

    Yes. The "more" break doesn't show in Preview. It will be there when you publish.

  6. agh. except it wasn't. what did i do wrong? :) thank you.

  7. I added the More tag in later after first working from Flickr
    (couldn't get the photo to publish so went through flickr vs dashboard and then edited later).
    thank you...

  8. If you need help with a specific blog post, it's always best to give us a link to the post. Then we can look at it.

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