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    Hi everyone,

    In my blog,, I’ve installed the MistyLook theme by Sadie. In the screenshot of that theme, it clearly looks like this theme can support more than one menu, but yet, when I try to put in more than one menu, the menu section says the theme only supports 1 menu. How do I correct this?

    The blog I need help with is


    The version of mistylook here at wordpress.COM only supports one top navigation menu. You can, in addition to the single top navigation menu use a custom menu widget if you wish.



    one menu I get. but multiple choices on that menu? I want custom choices on the menu, like EVENTS. Any advice? I only see the default ones and in my theme HOME AND ABOUT are my only choices. I dont mind switching themes or purchasing something.


    Cistom choices means custom header menu:
    You can display links to any other pages, to any post categories, to any post tags, to any individual posts. But your blog is still empty. You can’t display any of the above without having published any of the above.



    I want to call a button on the navigation bar EVENTS. Can I do this or can I only have HOME and ABOUT? Ive read the entire support page on menus three times. I thought I got it but then go into do it and I cant find anything other than a few defaults and it only allows for one menu (which I get) But I want 3-4 buttons and dropdowns? Ill pay if I need to. Help and Thank you.


    You can have as many buttons and dropdowns as you like, but how you will create them depends on what they link to. Where do you want “Events” to take you when clicked? Dropdowns to what?



    Kids Birthdays
    Baby Showers
    things like that….

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