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    We are using the flickr widget to display 3 random pictures in the right sidebar.
    This is pointing to one flickr url.
    Is there a way to specify getting random 3 images from multiple flickr URL (so it would randomly select between 2 flickr pages)?
    Is there a way to add 2 flickr widgets to the sidebar (one pointing to on URL and the other pointing to the other URL)?
    I guess the other way is to get another flickr account which has a combination of images we would like to show and point the flickr widget to this URL (kind of clunky though).

    The blog I need help with is



    Re: Flickr widget
    You can only use one Flickr widget in your sidebar. It will display your most recent photos up to 10 photos. You can the feeds of a particular set of photos but doing so will only result in the image titles being displayed within your widget ie. no thumbnails will display. Please see the support documentation here for more details. >
    I am sorry but I am not aware of a workaround.




    You can add Flickr images from multiple Flickr urls using various Third-party services.

    This post includes some examples:
    How to insert a Flickr slideshow in a blog

    I don’t know of a service that will show random images.



    You can also create a self-updating image badge for free using different Flickr accounts at either of these sites:

    Enter your Flickr username, email, or user ID and this nifty little gadget will create a customized image that you can paste into your profile page (or any other web page) that will automagically update itself. It shows a selection of ten of your photos and some statistics about your Flickr usage. It’s the perfect accessory for every Flickr addict.
    Has a “Random Recent” option for displayed images

    Create a dynamic Flickriver badge to put on your profile, group, blog or website
    Has a “Shuffle” option for displayed images

    The code they give you will work just by pasting – no modification needed.

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