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    I have looked everywhere for the answer to this question and I cannot find it clear enough for me!

    I am trying to upload several photos in one posting or page. I click upload/insert, add an image, media library, I select show on the image I want, then insert into post. while editing the page the visual tab shows all the photos to be there. However if I click preview it will only show one photo. I can’t click it to see more or anything its just the one photo. Please someone explain to me how I can have more than one photo its driving me crazy!

    The blog I need help with is


    Of course you can have more than one photo, that’s not a problem. Make sure your picture file is not broken. You can upload images from “upload/insert” –> “add an image”. Try upload one image at a time, and don’t forget to press the button “save”.



    When you upload an image there’s no need to go to the media library, just click Insert to Post. Then upload another one and do the same thing.

    Or you can upload a couple images then then click “Insert to post” on each one.

    – Lora

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