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    Hi again,

    Apologies for going over this time and again, but I don’t want to be banned before I’ve even started!

    I want to create a blog that will have multiple authors contributing to the blog. These authors currently do not use WP. From what I understand, I have to send them invites – at which point they will be asked to create a WP blog, and then they can start contributing. Alternatively, they can just create blogs, and then I can add them as existing WP users.

    Now, these authors will not be using these created blogs. They will join WP simply to contribute to MY blog. Does it matter that their blogs remain empty/inactive? Will I get in trouble for spamming if I help create their blog pages – thereby creating 5 or 6 inactive blogs just to have them on board as authors? Does it matter that their blog usernames will be Tempestra1, Tempestra2, Tempestra3 etc?


    The blog I need help with is



    They need to have an account but not a blog – when they signup there is an option for “Account Only” CAUTION it is a bit hidden – but no blog needed for your Authors – just send them an invite from your Dashboard >> Users and they should be good to write once they signup.



    Ooops, I think I’ve done it wrong. From my last post where I learnt that each author had to have different email addresses, I created email addresses for all the authors – (email redacted). So now I’ve sent the invite to (email redacted) as you’ve advised, when I click the link through from the invite, all it says is Get Another WP Blog in Seconds. So, it’s obviously recognising us as all having the same domain name. Now what?



    Im also having a problem. I created and account so I could be added to some elses blog but havent had any luck. I was sent an invite (Im assuming it was the right invite) . From what I gather , I should be able to access his blog by going to ‘My blogs’ , but all it says is create a blog.
    I was also given an API key which Im not sure what I am supposed to do with.
    Any suggestions?



    I have a private blog where I have to approve users. Not the author, contributor types, just readers.

    I add users by adding their unsernames to a list under the “Privacy” tab.

    But right now, the box to add users is not on that page. And I have not yet hit the 35 private user limit. I need to add a user.

    Help please!


    I have the same problem as gottsacker.

    I am trying to add a user to my privacy section under “Privacy” tab, but all of a sudden the box is no longer there to add the username!

    I have no limit to the amount of users I can add. There is a link now “Invite others to your blog”, but when i click that it takes me to the Dashboard section.

    Can anyone help? Thank you.



    tempestra, that’s happening because you already have a account and blog. If they don’t, they won’t see that.

    Sounds like staff are tinkering with the invitation options. Perhaps wait and try again tomorrow.



    It seems to be fixed today. Now there is a new invitation format with 2 boxes, one for a username and one to send them a message inviting them.

    Sending the invite did not add them to my user list, but maybe they confirm somehow. We shall see.



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