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adding multiple video to one page

  1. I am using the mixfolio theme and was wondering how to post multiple videos on one page. I would like the layout to be in grid or gallery style.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1) Youtube or other?
    2) How many columns? two or more?

  3. yes youtube and also vimeo. i was able to embed one, using the URL and it worked fine. it is just the layout on the page wasn't cooperating. ideally i want three columns. the media (videos etc) would be fixtures on the page like a website, not like a blog.

  4. Have you read these?

    Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):
    At its widest the main content column width is 637. It’s 65% width of all content on the screen.
    At its widest the width of Sidebar 1 is 294. It’s 30% width of all content on the screen.
    The default custom header image dimensions are a suggested 980 by 275 (width, height).
    Post Format Support: image, gallery, link, quote, and video.

  5. The no sidebar page template is 980px wide, so you'll need to use shortcodes to insert the videos and specify their width (should be around 300px):
    [vimeo VIDEO NUMBER HERE w=300]
    [youtube=VIDEO URL HERE&w=300]

    To display them in three columns, you need table coding. For example (three columns two rows):

    <tr><td>R1C1 SHORTCODE</td><td>R1C2 SHORTCODE</td><td>R1C3 SHORTCODE</td></tr>
    <tr><td>R2C1 SHORTCODE</td><td>R2C2 SHORTCODE</td><td>R2C3 SHORTCODE</td></tr>
  6. Justpi-
    i got the first part, i applied the short codes and it worked.

    but for the table coding, i could use a little more detail. do those table codes
    go before the bracketed videos' URLs? or does that whole table code go at the beginning of all of the videos?

    thanks for your help!

  7. None of the two.

    Table means cells arranged in rows and columns.

    Look at the model I gave you: it encloses six items arranged in two rows of three.
    What you need to do is copypaste the model into the Text (=code) editor, and replace each RnXn SHORTCODE with the actual shortcode for a video. By RnXn I mean row n column n.

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