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Adding Music in sidebars

  1. shaneandkimberly

    I'd like to add my projectplaylist music - can I do that with basic free service?

  2. G'day
    Welcome to wordpress. These are the ways to get music on your blog
    We are somewhat limited with regard to embeds
    Please post a link to projectplaylist so we can check it out for you.
    HTH :)

  3. shaneandkimberly

    Thanks! Here is my link...

  4. shaneandkimberly

    Also - I am wondering where I link the audio file to...a post, a widget, a page, not sure...I'd like it to play from my main blog and still play whenever people open other pages of mine within the blog

  5. I'm sorry I asked for the link as opposed to the "code" which you must post between backticks like this ` to make it visible on the forum. In fact I apologize for asking any further information at all. This player is a "no go" at

    We cannot use forms, iframes, javascript or flashwave shock and other embeds on this multiuser blogging platform so if that's the code our software here will strip it out of the text widget to preserve security.

    The only choices you have for music on your blog here are

    If you want autoplay music then you will have to use the Sonific widget.

  6. shaneandkimberly

    Thanks for that info.

  7. I'm sorry I had to be the bearer of bad tidings. As you are new to wordpress I'm posting a link to a Beginner's Guide that others have found to be useful

    Welcome to wordpress and happy blogging. :)

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