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Adding music to my blog.

  1. Greetings. I know that in the FAQ it explains a few ways to add music, but so far I've been completely out of luck. For example, direct from the FAQ:

    "1. Upload an mp3 file somewhere on the internet and link to it like this [audio ] with the address inside.
    Like this:

    which will produce the following player:"

    Notice anything strange? It doesn't tell you WHERE add this nebulous [audio] tag. Should I put it in my CSS, should I put it in a post itself, or where exactly? I assume you can't use html embed because wordpress strips all of that away. Any help would be much appreciated as I have had no luck up till now.


  2. In a post.

  3. Pretty much. Content for the most part goes into the post's body.

  4. SIGH.. I don't get it.. i still can't get the player.. I tried putting it on a post over and over again. Still doesn't work. I even tried putting this

    and nothing still happens... Can anyone tell me why?

  5. In your case, it appears that you're linking to a file on Angelfire. They don't allow hotlinking offsite like that. Take a rather nasty view of it actually.

    Also if you're using the editor with the editor with the icons along the top, please note that you have to use the Code tab to place it and not the Visual one since it's actual code that you're placing.

    If that doesn't work, please get back with us with specifics. :)

    Hope this helps,

  6. You can indeed use the visual editor with no problems, but what you MUST do, if you use it, is break the active link to the MP3. See how that is highlighted in the example above? That means it's live and clickable. You need to render it unclickable, which you do in the visual editor by clicking on the URL and hitting the "broken link" icon.

  7. Hmmm.. okae. for now, i've gotten the player, just that it doesn't actually PLAY! sighh... hahaa.. could you suggest any websites wordpress allows that I could upload my music on and link to it? Thank you!

  8. I use Odeo, but lots of people use WordPress allows you to host your files anywhere; the issue is, you picked a site that doesn't allow hotlinking, which defeats the purpose. You can also upload your files into your WordPress space, I believe, using the Upload option just under the posting box.

  9. Make sure the mp3 is in 44.1 format.

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