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    On the Blogger version of my blog, , I have a music playlist from . This was created by pasting the code they provided into a HTML/JavaScript gadget I added to my Blogger template. Considering the limitations WordPress places on both types of code, I don’t know if such an approach will work here. Also, it took a bit of trial and error tweaking to get it to look right, so I don’t even want to start if there’s a better way to do it here.

    You should know that my original intent was to have my readers click on the name(s) of the song(s) I was referring to in the individual post to play that song. This is still my preferred approach. I never did figure out how to do this with Blogger. The reason I brought my blog here in the first place was to see if issues such as this can be dealt with more easily.

    Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


    The blog I need help with is


    Please paste the exact URL of your blog when asking questions here – or link your nickname to your blog as explained in the Sticky 8 Things to Know. We usually need that to give a relevant answer.

    Now, assuming you do have a wp.COM blog, the easy way here is to use the wp audio player; see the FAQs on music. And yes, you can also have clickable names instead.



    Sorry about that. I was rushing a bit. The nickname link has been fixed and my WP blog is at



    @izaakmak: I see you’re posting in another thread now. Please let me know if and what further help you need.



    After I had posted my original question, I found the question posed by annemarieharrington in Forums >> CSS Customization >> “Nicer looking way to play audio?” about music issues with her blog at

    The items listed on her Radio page look similar to what I want to do, except I want my reader to be able to get the player by hovering over the text references to the songs in my posts as opposed to a name of a file. I already have a couple of net locations for storing the files. I just need to know how to link to them in the manner I described.


    P.S. Can you point me to help on using the markup coding referred to under the box I am writing this reply into.


    So. Step 1 is uploading your mp3s to a host that provides direct URLs. The sites I’d recommend are Fileden or Getdropbox.

    Then you can use the nice little wp audio player, by writing this so-called shortcode in your post or page (safer in the html editor):

    [audio URL_HERE]



    Or you can link to the mp3s, using any text reference you like. The code for that is
    <a href="URL_HERE" target="_blank">TEXT_HERE</a>

    In the html editor, of course. The alternative is to first write the text reference as plain text in the editor, then highlight it, click the link button, and paste the URL in the box that shows up.

    Re your PS, the note indicates which html tags work when posting here. An opening tag needs brackets, a closing one brackets and a slash, e.g.:
    <strong>word or phrase that will show up as bold</strong>
    For more, you can google html tags, html codes, html tutorials.



    when I open the my page,is it possible to start the music??
    how can I establish this system???


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    Think twice about forcing readers to listen to your music.
    If I visit a blog with music playing automatically, I instantly hit the mute button on my Mac and as fast as possible close the page. What if I’m at work when the music starts??? (which I’m not) What if I don’t like the music? UGH! give your readers a choice to listen or not, or give readers a chance to choose what they want to hear! I like to listen to my own music, books on CD, or BBC radio online, and not be forced to endure some stranger’s choice of music…
    just my opinion…



    Also, it is not possible at

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