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Adding my blog to Google Search

  1. herbalsfromceylon

    Hi, I started a blog couple of days ago but still i am unable to add it to google search engine, any help would be very helpful


    The blog I need help with is

  2. We need a link to your blog please, starting with http.

  3. herbalsfromceylon

    Thank you so much sir

    here is the url

    I really appreciate your kind help


  4. You're welcome. Before you worry about google, please review the highlighted point in paragraaph 2 of the Terms of Service:

    And this:

  5. Have you described them in English half as entertaining as that?

  6. Being on google search means you are getting the attention of the world. GREAT I THINK! Checkout my blog.

  7. I also seem to be having problems with google search. My privacy settings are set to searchable and I've verified my page with google webmaster tools. What's going on?

    My blog can be found here:

  8. @purplepurler - Your blog is almost brand new with very few posts. It can take search engines up to 6 weeks to index a site, although it's usually not that long. Keep posting and give them something to index and be patient.

  9. /nod and a g'day to ella

    And Google does know you are there so they will be getting your site indexed.

  10. Thanks guys...I'm not known for my patience! lol


  11. how will i get my blog on other search sites

  12. First off we need a link to your blog.

  13. Hi! Listen, how do I install Google Analytics on my WordPress? I just can't find the right place to paste the codes... Thanks

  14. First off we need a link to your blog.

    And please don't hijack threads. Your answer is here in the forum many times and in the FAQ. If you have a blog.

  15. Hi How to I get my blog to come up in google search?

  16. Yeah how do I get my blog to come out on google search, I don;t understand from what has been posted above.
    here is my link:

    Thank you, I really appreciate it!

  17. The answer to this frequent question is a simple word : Wait

    Google won't pick up your site immediately after you create it. You need to give it some time.

  18. @tarekturjuman—you have only 2 posts. You need to post more, write well, talk about things people are interested in.
    @orleerk—you don't have any posts!

  19. are there any way to optimize keywords for search engines? When we create a new website, the host provider or the domain provider has a facility to give our search keywords for the site we create.

  20. WordPress.COM is designed under the hood to give you the best search engine optimization there is really and you don't have to do anything more than write good posts, post regularly and properly categorize and/or tag your posts. Use a total of 10 or 12 total (categories + tags) on your posts so that you don't risk getting excluded from the wordpress.COM global tags pages. Meta keywords are really a thing of the past and search engines do not place anywhere near as much emphasis on them as they used to because they were so heavily abused.

  21. One other thing everyone should keep in mind. It takes time to build page rank, and even if you end up with a page rank of 6 or 7, on some searches that return millions of hits in a search engine, you might be thousands of pages into that search. On some searches where few results are returned you might end up near the top, but in general it is difficult to get on the first 10 or so pages even with only a few thousand hits on a search.

  22. loveoncesystweak

    Hi, I started a blog to Designer and who love animation and art blog give your so many things and easily. But still i am unable to add it to google search engine, any help would be very helpful


    Just Click and Enjoy

  23. loveoncesystweak

    Yeah how do I get my blog to come out on google search, I don;t understand from what has been posted above.
    here is my link:

  24. Optimize your blog for Google. Then request google to take your contents. Google will work out well.

    It gives me around 40 - 50 hits a day.

    if you intrested in my tips get it from below,

    Search Engine Optimization for your WordPress and Blogspot Blogs

  25. hope mine will be on google too

    enjoy good poetry @

  26. On a related question..... I am a little surprised that my blog was picked by Google on the second day after I launched it.

    I haven't done anything to put it there.

    why would that be, anybody knows?

  27. I guess I spoke too soon.... :-)
    Just realized that it does not show up on top on every computer. On two of our computers at work it does, in four others it doesn't

    One day I will understand the mysteries of the internet

  28. I have been having problems getting on Google Blog Search as well. I was getting picked up previously but somewhere along the line it stopped picking me up.

  29. As your blog is not a WordPress.COM blog, you're on your own for help with that. You could try looking over at WordPress.ORG.

    @sallybr, I teach blogging and it's not unusual for a blog to hit the front page of Google on the first day. Google recently put in a "personalized search" feature which is its default, which means that searches made on a computer previously are taken into account in future searches, so a computer whose owner usually looks for blogs and clicks on them will be more likely to turn up blogs in a search, rather than websites.

  30. This has been really helpful


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